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Coconut Cashew Yogurt

Coconut Cashew Yogurt

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Ingredients: Coconut, Cashew, Lemon Juice, Vegan Probiotics, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Bean


*7 day shelf life

Made with cashew, coconut & probiotics, this stuff is raw & full of life! 🥥

Your gut health has a profound effect on your nervous system. Having a healthy gut microbiome improves cognitive function and overall health.

Different foods shape the gut microbiome, in particular raw (unpasteurized) cultured & fermented foods can increase the diversity of healthy gut microbiota.

Our cultured yogurt is a great option for those with issues with dairy.

This yogurt is greek-style (thick) and goes great with Rawnola, in a smoothie, with fruit or just by itself. Also found in our Cheezecake Parfaits