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Beauty Booster

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Ingredients: Turmeric, Seabuckthorn Berry, Pineapple 

100% Organic


  • SEABUCKTHORN BERRY: locally grown, contains an incredible 190 nutrients including vitamin C (aka the beauty vitamin, reduces inflammation, boosts collagen) 12 x higher than that of an orange.
  • Contains fatty acids which are fantastic for healthy, clear & glowing skin and seabuckthorn is jam packed with omega 3,6,9 and one of the only plant sources on the planet that contains the elusive omega 7.
  • TURMERIC: anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, flushes toxins from body.
  • PINEAPPLE: high in vitamin C, bromelain & antioxidants, extremely beneficial for treatment and prevention of acne, fine lines, sun damage & uneven skin tone.

*5 day shelf life